mobius sculpture tigard vertial
“The School of Outdoor Learning” mural in downtown Beaverton
tualatin lazy river
Public Art Map


A Walk Through Time mural Tigard mural 1
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Map of Public Art in Oregon’s Tualatin Valley

Murals, Sculptures and More 

There are dozens of murals, sculptures and more on display in cities across Oregon’s Tualatin Valley. Our cities have been fostering substantial public art programs over the years and are now home to many pieces by diverse artists. Works explore the area’s history and heritage, honor its natural areas and show hope for the future.

Some cities also host guided art walk tours or have created self-guided tours you can enjoy anytime. With this map, you can find art in all Tualatin Valley’s communities. Click on the arrow on the left side and view locations of art works by medium or type.


More Art in Tualatin Valley

Tualatin Valley is an artist’s enclave. Many talented artists live and create here, and their works of art can be viewed throughout the area along these self-guided art walks.

Don’t spend time worrying about planning the perfect trip; we have sample itineraries that will provide ideas for fun outings for solo travelers, couples and even group travelers.

Tualatin Valley in Oregon