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Three Mugs Brewing in Hillsboro, Oregon

Introducing the People Behind the Tualatin Valley’s Craft Beer

The Oregon beer story is more than 150 years in the making, with the breweries setting up shop in the mid-1800s, when the state’s craft brewing industry took off.

Early pioneers of this industry include Dick and Nancy Ponzi—founders of Ponzi Vineyards—who started Bridgeport Brewing company in 1984, one of the first craft breweries in the Greater Portland area.

The craft brewers in the Tualatin Valley share a common trait: innovation and passion.

Today, the Tualatin Valley boasts nearly a dozen breweries, each brewing its own style of distinctive, craft beers.

Meet the artisans who are helping put the Tualatin Valley on the “Beervana” map.

Meet the Brewers

Mike Haines and Mike Kinion

Founded in 2008, Vertigo continues to amass a loyal following, with its flavorful rotation of year-round and seasonal beers. Its “Closer Pale Ale” is a seasonal tribute to the Hillsboro Hops baseball team.

Brandy Grobart and Tom Kramer

Ambacht Brewing—Dutch for “handmade”—is the brainchild of brewer and co-owner Tom Kramer, who started his beer career in 1997, including volunteering as a brewer’s assistant at the now-defunct Tuck’s Brewery, which was located in a synagogue in southwest Portland.

Meet the Jennings

Three Mugs Brewing Company opened its taproom in 2013 and quickly grew into a brewing operation within its first year. Meet the people behind the name.