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The Beer Here: Brew Pubs


The Beer Here: Brew Pubs

Oregon’s Tualatin Valley has a variety of brew pubs, featuring locally crafted beers (most of them on-site), paired with delicious Pacific Northwestern fare and hearty pub food.

Come for the beer, and stay for the food at these Tualatin Valley brew pubs.

The Lodge at Cascade Brewing offers upscale pub fare in a family-friendly environment with an outdoor patio perfect for sunny days. The on-site brewery’s Northwest sour style beers are aged in oak barrels, creating unmatched flavors like Honey Ginger Lime and the Pinot-Noir barrel aged Sang Noir.

Bethany Public House showcases 22 craft beers on tap, including five of its own brews, labeled as “Bethany Brewing Company,” at this Italian-inspired brewpub. Brews range from blonde and copper red ales to IPAs.

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse & Imbrie Hall reclaims a pioneer homestead of the 1850s into a rustic-chic brewery, distillery and eatery. The on-site brewery pumps out some McMenamins classics, like the Old Samhain—using fruit from nearby grapevines—and the Barn Owl Bitter—named after the farmstead’s hooting inhabitants.

Come for the beer, and stay for the food!

Golden Valley Brewery & Restaurant offers finely crafted beers, made at its brewery in McMinnville, Oregon. Ten Golden Valley Beers are on tap, which pair well with the restaurant’s extensive menu featuring locally raised, seasonal organic produce.

McMenamins’ John Barleycorns was the first McMenamins brewpub to be built from the ground up. John Barleycornds features an on-site brewery, and burgers and brews are the staples of the menu, with 11 brews on tap.

Another of McMenamins’ breweries, Oak Hills Brewpub is adored for the colorfully painted fermentation tanks of the on-site brewery, the originating locations for some of McMenamins’ most-loved brews. The brewpub also offers pet-friendly picnic tables for nice weather.

The Old Market Pub & Brewery brews more than a dozen beers on-site, such as mainstays ranging from wild reds and hoppy ambers to black magic stouts, as well as innovative house fruit ales, such as the Hot Tamale, flared with fresh habanero and jalapeno peppers. The family-friendly brewery matches its beer offerings with classic pub fare.

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When it comes to excellence in hand-crafted beverages, the Pacific Northwest—and the Greater Portland region in particular—outshines any other location in the U.S.

Tualatin Valley’s hotels are close to Portland and have many urban amenities, but are only a fraction of the cost.