Coffee in Oregon's Tualatin Valley. Photo by Doug Frierott
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Coffee and Tea


Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium. Photo by Jim Shea

Coffee and Tea

The Buzz on Coffee (and Tea, Too)

Coffee lovers flock to Oregon. While Portland touts some serious espresso, don’t overlook the expert and small-batch roasters in the Tualatin Valley. Those who are crazy about coffee will go just about anywhere to get the really good stuff, which is why so many caffeine fiends sojourn to our cafes.

Tualatin Valley boasts a number of coffee shops, each offering its own menu of delicious coffee (and tea) drinks. Plus, premium coffee roasters also call Tualatin Valley home. Several notable local roasters include Longbottom Coffee and Tea, Ava Roasteria, Dapper and Wise (aka Insomnia Coffee) and Thornton Family Coffee Roasters.

For a really great cup of java, check out Lionheart Coffee, which makes a mean turmeric latte (and also serves beer and wine at its downtown Beaverton location) and Tigard’s Symposium Coffee (or Sherwood’s location), which has a well-rounded selection of whiskey, too.

From hot tea to bubble tea, you’re never too far from a fulfilling cup of tea in Tualatin Valley. Enjoy High Tea at A Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium or at the venerable Tea’s Me (reservations required at both teahouses). Tea lovers also can experience fine crafted Oregon tea with a visit to the Stash Tea Retail Store, which features a large variety of loose-leaf and bagged teas from Stash Tea. In Beaverton (and Hillsboro), Mamancy Tea Co. offers specially curated teas and chocolates made with ingredients from all over the world.

Grab a cup and experience more of Tualatin Valley’s favorite, home-grown beverages.

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