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Find a Unique Cup of Joe in Tualatin Valley

Coffee lovers flock to Oregon. While Portland has earned a reputation for some serious espresso, don’t overlook the expert and small-batch roasters in Tualatin Valley. Those who are crazy about coffee will go just about anywhere to get the really good stuff, which is why so many caffeine fiends sojourn to these local craft coffee roasters and coffeehouses.

Thornton Family Coffee Roasters
The new kids on the block, Thornton Family Coffee Roasters, really know their coffee. After nearly 35 years of buying and roasting coffee for large volume companies, Paul Thornton set up shop in Beaverton. This family enterprise roasts beans in a refurbished 1995 15-kilo Petronchini solid drum roaster. Of course, it’s not just about the people and machinery that roast the coffee, but also the beans themselves. Thornton’s dedicates itself to a green and 100% transparent supply chain. Mere steps away from the roasting plant, the coffee walk-up window is ready to hand off espresso drinks, fresh drip, and locally made pastries.

Dapper & Wise
Dapper & Wise is the epitome of Portland cool. This Hillsboro-based coffee roaster doesn’t take itself too seriously, while producing some seriously good coffee. They source and roast the best coffees from around the globe, which they serve at their Insomnia Coffee Company shops throughout the region. Through the “Coffee Lab,” passionate baristas teach coffee lovers about the art of coffee at its weekly hands-on education classes (registration required).

Longbottom Coffee & Tea
Tualatin Valley’s premier organic roasting company, Longbottom Coffee & Tea (established in 1981), sources and hot-air roasts high-quality specialty coffee from all over the world. In true Pacific Northwest fashion, it was a pioneer in organic coffee, and was one of the first roasters in the United States to be certified organic. Today, its organic roasting facility is a testing site for the Independent Organic Inspectors Association.

Ava Roasteria
Ava Roasteria opened its first coffeehouse in the downtown Beaverton area, and continues to grow throughout the Portland Region with four shops (and counting). In recent years, Ava Roasteria started roasting its own beans, and today its roastery and tasting room is open across the street from its original location.

Come for a visit and taste why the Pacific Northwest is known for its brews…coffee brews. When visiting Tualatin Valley this fall, make sure you visit our coffee roasters and coffeehouses (and don’t forget to take home a bag of beans to brew at home!).

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More Crafted Goodness

Symposium Coffee, has two locations in Tualatin Valley, where it serves a mean latte--we recommend the lavender latte, cardamom latte and chili mocha--featuring beans from Portland's own Stumptown Coffee Roasters Coava Coffee Roasters. What sets this coffeehouse apart from the others, however, is that it also features a well-rounded selection of spirits.

In Forest Grove, Telvet Coffee House transforms a historic building into a charming coffeehouse that uses its house-roasted beans to create handcrafted espresso drinks and other drinks from around the world. One of Telvet's most popular drinks is the Vietnamese Coffee, which is available hot or iced.

Lionheart, which now has two locations in Beaverton -- on SW Scholls Ferry Road and on SW Watson Avenue -- offers an "experience bar" that allows you to try different brewing methods. They also serve beer, wine and food.

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