Walters Cultural Arts Center Presents: Raye Zaragoza

Walters Cultural Arts Center Presents: Raye Zaragoza

Award-winning singer-songwriter Raye Zaragoza is a galvanizing presence and a self-assured artist making music to fight for, represent, and celebrate those left too long outside the spotlight.

As a woman of mixed Indigenous, Asian and Latina heritage, Zaragoza spent much of her early life trying to assimilate with the world around her. Through her music—across brisk, emotive, compelling folk melodies—she now delivers powerful missives about embracing one’s own identity and discovering the power behind it.

Touring with her latest album, Hold That Spirit, Zaragoza offers a nuanced look at the expectations placed on women as they age, singing of her own vulnerabilities and hardships, from her anxiety to fraught relationship with work to heartbreak. Rooted in the realization that you need to bet on yourself to achieve lasting happiness, fulfillment, and understanding, Zaragoza shares her own journey learning to not only invest in herself, but also to lean on those who made you feel seen and supported.

Tickets start at $30

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October 20, 2023


from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm