Wine tasting at Montinore Estate in Forest Grove
Cycling Banks-Vernonia State Trail
Tualatin Valley: Closer Than You Think


Helvetia Lavender Farm in Oregon

Explore Oregon’s Tualatin Valley

Closer Than You Think, Miles From Ordinary

We invite you to soak in the Oregon experience. In Tualatin Valley—our Oregon—you go at your own pace, slow if you like. We’re a place built of friendly, local communities, in a region of lush, natural beauty. So, take a wander in the farmers market. While away an afternoon tasting wine. Bring your curiosity, your sense of wonder, and a pair of comfortable shoes. There is so much to explore.  And no matter what you choose, you’ll uncover something memorable. Once you experience Tualatin Valley, you’ll know Oregon is yours, too.

Tualatin Valley in Oregon