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Cycling the Banks-Vernonia State Trail in Oregon
Cycling Through Farmland in Oregon’s Tualatin Valley


Bicycling Banks Vernonia State Trail
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Cycling Through Tualatin Valley Farmland

Where does your bike take you? Here, cycling and farmlands go hand in hand. Find the perfect ride along the Tualatin Valley Scenic Bikeway. Intermediate and advanced riders love not only this scenic bike trail, but also the intriguing spots along the way.

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The south end of the bike trail begins at Rood Bridge Park and Rhododendron Garden — about a half-hour’s drive from Portland — is worth exploring in its own right. The garden provides a rather Zen atmosphere with the sounds of Tualatin River and the soft coos and caws of local inhabitants.

While you ride along the route, take note of the gorgeous acres of farmlands and watch for crop signs, which take the guesswork out of which crops are being grown at each farm.

The bikeway also is aligned with some fantastic northern Willamette Valley vineyards and wineries. Oak Knoll Winery (about four miles from Rood Bridge Park) welcomes cyclists for a responsible sip of wine and picnic lunch.

Stop at Unger Farms and enjoy a sandwich or berry treat from the Berry Café. A farmers’ market favorite, this family-owned farm grows several varieties of the region’s most sought-after berries. After a bite, pick strawberries to snack on during your ride.

Along your ride, keep your eye out for the quilt barns that comprise the Quilt Barn Trail. Each quilt block tells the story of the farm and the families that work the farms. As you continue your ride through the valley, be sure to visit downtown Forest Grove, where the Main Street greets you with a eclectic selection of restaurants, from Peruvian to pizza.

While the Bikeway takes you to the small city of Banks, you can continue along your journey along the car-free Banks-Vernonia State Trail, or call it a day and reward yourself with a well-deserved rest and check into one of our hotels.

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