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Quilt Barn Trail Number Four



The Northern Arm of the Quilt Barn Trail

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Davidson Farm

16511 NW Davidson Road, Banks

Block: Pileated Woodpecker
Built circa 1937, the entire property is on the Washington County Historical Register as a representative home of the 1930s. One acre of wooded land has been designated as a natural habitat and the original block features pileated woodpeckers that are often seen there.

pileated woodpecker quilt barn

Dixie Mountain Grange #860

23455 NW Dixie Mountain Road, North Plains

Block: Strawberry
The Dixie Mountain Grange, built in 1936, was originally the railroad station near Buxton. The strawberry block is a nod to the Dixie Mountain Strawberry Festival, which has been held there each June for more than 50 years.

strawberry quilt barn

Grossen Peaches, LLC

23678 NW Grossen Drive, Hillsboro

Block: Peach Tree
Build in the late 1800s, the peach orchard is a U-pick farm and popular wedding venue. Enjoy the many windmills owner Mark Grossen collects and showcases on the farm.

peach tree quilt block

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Haag Farm

4825 NE Starr Boulevard, Hillsboro

Block: Lily
This historic barn dates from 1904 and the farmhouse from 1890. It was the site of the early Methodist Meeting House and is listed on the Washington County Historic Inventory. The Haags had a nursery and grew lilies there.

lily quilt block

Jessie Mays Community Center

30975 NW Hillcreast St. North Plains

Block: Log Cabin (variation) 
This building was built in 1915 as the gym for the North Plains Elementary School. The block honors Veronica “Roni” Andrews, a founding member of the Westside Quilters Guild and active volunteer in the community.

log cabin quilt barn

Jossy Farm

31965 NW Beach Road, Hillsboro

Block: Fruit Tree
The farm has been in the Jossy family since 1985 and is currently a U-pick orchard featuring peaches, pears and apples. The barn was built in the early 1900s.

fruit tree quilt barn

Reichen Farm

8645 NW Old Cornelius Pass Road, Hillsboro

Block: Harvest Star
Built circa 1880, the building was used as a dairy barn and has seen three generations of Reichers since. The colors of this traditional block represent the crops grown there.

harvest star quilt barn

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Twin Fir Century Farm

27007 NW West Union Road, Hillsboro

Block: Connected Kin
Founded in 1886, the Twin Fir Century Farm is home to the fifth generation of the Gates family. The original block was designed to celebrate the Gates family and the intertwined squares represent the five generations who have lived there.

connected kin quilt barn

The Unger Place

10300 NW Gordon Road, Cornelius

Block: Tweet Sanctuary
The secluded house and property are surrounded by tall cedars, which are home to many birds. The quilt block features a red-winged blackbird, a birdhouse and a large cedar tree to honor the location.

tweet sanctuary quilt barn

Zurbrugg Farm (Valley View Farm) 

13365 NW Logie Trail, Hillsboro

Bock: Carpenter’s Wheel

Established more than 100 years ago, this farm features and old, large red barn, which is near the road and overlooks a small pasture filled with small goats. Today, building contractor Gary Zurbrugg owns the property and fittingly chose the carpenter’s wheel.

carpenter's wheel quilt barn

Please note that Quilt Barn Trail is meant to be a driving route, and several quilt barns are located on private property, and access may be limited.

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