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5 Must-Try Boba Shops in Tualatin Valley

Boba tea is a treat that originated in Taiwan and has been growing in popularity for years. Boba is chewy tapioca pearls sweetened with brown sugar or honey, used in tea and smoothies.

Boba tea Milk+TA “Piglet” drink at Milk-T in Beaverton.

According to the Oregonian, there are 55 Boba tea shops in the Portland area, many of which can be found in Tualatin Valley. Many international chains have opened locations in the area and local businesses are putting their unique spin on the trend. Drinks range from black and green tea, milk teas and fruit drinks with toppings from classic boba, popping boba, fruit jellies and more.

April 30 is National Boba Tea Day and we’re celebrating this tasty, refreshing treat with some of the best boba tea shops in Tualatin Valley.

  1. 5 Flavor Café was recently declared the best boba tea in the Portland area by the Oregonian. The shop was opened by retired tech workers after they spent months traveling around Asia. Missing the foods they loved there, they decided to make them on their own. The Oregonian praises 5 Flavor Cafe for its attention to detail and brewing every cup of tea to order. The couple also owns DOJA Tea Lounge, which opened in Tualatin last March and serves brewed tea and desserts.
  2. Milk+Tea offers a unique experience with a toppings bar so you can customize your drink with as many toppings as you want for no extra charge. This woman-owned business started as a food truck and was the world’s first self-serve boba truck. The shop prides itself on serving natural, handcrafted ingredients and lactose-free milk. You can also make your drink extra special with a scoop of ice cream on top.
  3. Mo Cha Tea House, which has two locations in Beaverton, has a large menu including specialty boba drinks, snacks and desserts. Their philosophy is to serve fresh and tasty drinks. The Farmington Road location was recently renovated and features a wall that’s perfect for capturing Instagram-worthy photos.
  4. Bubble N Tea has a smaller menu than some other popular boba cafes, but each drink is handcrafted using premium loose leaf tea. They offer great seasonal flavors in addition to classic black, green and Thai teas.
  5. Kafé is an artisan tea and toast bar that serves delicious and refreshing coffee and tea drinks. Their colorful smoothies pair well with tasty avocado toast. Stop by Kafé while you explore downtown Forest Grove.

Whether you’re a longtime boba fan or new to the trend and open to trying something new, look no further than Tualatin Valley for some delicious options for a variety of boba shops.

Here are the some of the seasonal treats we look forward to this time of year, and we hope you will come see for yourself why these are the top five things to do this spring.

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