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Favorite Tualatin Valley Cycling Trails

Whether you are a novice rider on training wheels or an expert cyclist, one of Tualatin Valley’s scenic cycling trails is sure to be a fun and memorable ride for everyone. Tualatin Valley has a plethora of rides on paved roads, mountain trails, paved paths, and gravel roads. Here is a list of some of our best trails to explore throughout Tualatin Valley.

man and boy bicycling on fall leaves in OregonThe Banks-Vernonia State Trail is just one of several kid-friendly cycling paths for families in the Tualatin Valley.

Kid-Friendly Rides

The Fanno Creek Trail provides a friendly path for families, including those with training wheels. The whole trail spans 15 miles and is a multi-use pathway perfect for walkers, runners, bicyclists and nature enthusiasts. The trail can easily be accessed from many entry points in Portland, Tigard and Beaverton including Main Street in downtown Tigard, making it easy to hop on and off the trail to stop for lunch or take a break.

The beloved Banks-Vernonia State Park Trail is a favorite place to experience the changing seasons as the canopy of trees above the 21-mile trail (one way) gives way to the first signs of fall. It is also perfect for families and leisure riders. This trail is multi-use, car-free and can be accessed at six points, including trailheads at Manning, Buxton, Tophill and Beaver Creek, as well as the cities of Banks and Vernonia, making it perfect for short family rides or a long day of solo riding. The paved trail was made over a decades-old train bed with 13 old bridges, wood trestles and a deep sense of Oregon history and Oregon nature co-mingling.

Other kid-friendly trails include:


Henry Hagg Lake Loop offers a 10.3-mile ride on the asphalt road around the lake with low traffic and rest stops to take in the views of the lake and the Oregon Coast Range mountains. This scenic, rural ride has minor (<500-feet) elevation changes too, perfect for intermediate riders. With an additional 14 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails around the lake, this spot offers a lot to see and explore. After your ride, take a dip in the lake to cool down.

Other intermediate rides include:

Cycling in Oregon's Tualatin ValleyCycling in Oregon’s Tualatin Valley

Seasoned Cyclist

If you are looking for more of a challenge, the paved and gravel trail to Barney Reservoir from the city of Hillsboro’s MAX line is a 30-mile trail that leads riders through the countryside and rugged timber of Tualatin Valley. The reservoir is located in a remote location, so it does not see much use but it is open to the public for fishing and canoeing. Once riders make it to Barney Reservoir at 1600 feet elevation, they can continue on the trail to Tillamook and the Oregon Coast. Riders can also begin their ride in the city of Forest Grove and complete a 75-mile loop out to Barney Reservoir and around Hagg Lake.

Daredevils can turn their wheels toward the Gales Creek Trail with its seven miles of technical riding. L.L. Stub Stewart State Park also has a network of bike trails, many of which are bike only. The park’s freeride trails are best for those who want to hone their mountain biking techniques.

Other advanced cyclist trails include:

More to Explore

Trails and More

Tualatin Valley is a destination with an abundance of wide open spaces, where there are plenty of opportunities to take in the picturesque sites of the region. Travel along one of these designated scenic routes and get lost in Oregon’s Tualatin Valley.

Scenic Cycling Routes

Oregon’s Tualatin Valley boasts many miles of bike paths, allowing for an exciting and invigorating day, weekend or week of discovery. From urban trails connecting cities to rural paths in the forest, there is no shortage of places to take the road less traveled.

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