Ten Tiny Dances in Tualatin Valley
Meet Our Cultural Communities


Photo: Ten Tiny Dances, photo by Gordon Wilson

The Culture of Oregon’s Tualatin Valley

The Atfalati, a tribe of Kalapuya Native Americans, were the original inhabitants of the Tualatin Valley area and over the years, more cultural communities have made it their home as well. Washington County is now the most diverse county in Oregon.

We see that rich cultural diversity in this area reflected in the shops and restaurants. According to data collected by the US Census Bureau, there are more than 7,500 minority-owned businesses in Washington County.

Tualatin Valley is lucky to have a wealth of Mexican, South American and Caribbean cuisine. It’s also known for some of the best Asian food in the Portland metro area, including more than a dozen Korean eateries within 1.5 square-miles in Beaverton. Asian bakeries and markets make it easy to enjoy the tastes of abroad. Our Black-owned businesses include Oregon’s first Black winemaker, Bertony Faustin of Abbey Creek Winery, and chefs serving up traditional Ethiopian and Somali meals.

We explore the rich cultural heritage of the communities that make up the fabric of Tualatin Valley.