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Clover field in Oregon's Tualatin Valley
Top 5 Things to Do This Spring


Cooper Mountain Nature Park

5 Things to do in Oregon’s Tualatin Valley This Spring

After an interesting winter, we are ready to say “hello” to Spring. Here in the Pacific Northwest, spring means temperatures in the 60s, light rains, blossoming trees and the annual anticipation of “bud break” in the vineyards.

Here are the some of the seasonal treats we look forward to this time of year, and we hope you will come see for yourself why these are the top five things to do this spring.

Wine Tasting

It’s officially patio season now (though we’ve been enjoying them with plenty of warm layers for months) so head to Oregon’s wine country. Wineries in our area are known for their Pinot Noir, but also make a wide variety for all tastes. Get a flight, glass or bottle and enjoy the sunnier skies and longer days at our many estate wineries. You can also make your Tualatin Valley getaway extra special with a winery and vineyard tour. Get a bird’s eye view of how wine is grown and produced, all while sampling and savoring the tastes of Tualatin Valley wine. Tour the rustic winery at Helvetia Winery or take a stroll through the vineyard at Raptor Ridge Winery. 

Wildflower Walks

As spring continues its slow walk to summer, wildflowers start to bloom in the valley. Whether you opt for a drive along the countryside on the Vineyard and Valley Scenic Tour Route, or a leisurely walk through a nature park, you will be greeted with the bright and cheerful colors of spring. Two of our favorite spots for native plants and flowers are Cooper Mountain Nature Park and Tualatin Hills Nature Center.

Clover Spotting

In the spring, Tualatin Valley is awash in fields of maroon clover. As these red clover fields become peppered with white as spring turns into summer, you’ll have a driver-side view of one of Oregon’s most beautiful crops. Our favorite clover fields can be spotted along Helvetia Road, just north of Highway 26. Another favorite spot is across from the tasting room at Ruby Vineyards. And while humans don’t eat clover and it’s not a hot-selling item in spring bouquets, bees love it and it shows in the clover honey you can pick up at Smith Berry Barn.


Throughout the year, many species emerge at wetlands, preserves and nature parks throughout Tualatin Valley. However, April is the best month for birdwatching, when colorful songbirds head north on the Pacific Flyway and make a stop in Tualatin Valley, bringing their delightful chirps to the spring air.

Eat Outside 

Portland is already known for its food cart pods, and our area is also seeing growth in this trend. Tualatin Valley has two new food cart pods — Carts on Main in Hillsboro and Zesti Food Carts in Forest Grove — joining two established pods in Beaverton. Both are steadily growing, adding more carts and variety and plenty of seating. At Zesti, an outdoor bar recently opened, serving beer, wine and seltzer. More food carts >>>

These are just some of the best things to do here this spring. Whatever your interests, we would love to see you here in Oregon’s Tualatin Valley.

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