Winter walk in a nature park
Winter sunrise at Hagg Lake in Gaston, Oregon in the Tualatin Valley
Winter Activities in the Tualatin Valley



Winter Activities in the Tualatin Valley

Cool, rainy days give way to warm and cozy nights. While there most likely won’t be snow, and Tualatin Valley is not your “traditional” winter time get away, there are still plenty of activities for those who love to travel during the winter months. Also, with safety in mind, these activities are safe, physically distanced and fun.

Winter Activities in Tualatin Valley

Winter Recreation

Peaceful winter walks in Tualatin Valley offer easy strolls with wintertime views of moss-covered branches, softly rolling rivers and birds who sing despite the rain.

Winter Wine Tasting

It’s “cellar season” in Oregon wine country, and Tualatin Valley has more than 30 estate wineries, each offering a wide variety of wines to suit every palate and budget.

Winter Birdwatching

While winter may not be your first thought for the best months to go bird watching in the Pacific Northwest, Tualatin Valley’s bird watching scene soars every month of the year

A beautiful view in Tualatin Valley in Oregon