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Discover the Wonders of Tualatin Valley


Discover the Wonders of Oregon’s Tualatin Valley

Located just minutes from downtown Portland, Tualatin Valley is an escape from the ordinary.  

With a multitude of celebrated attractions and amenities, this multifaceted and picturesque area mixes urban amenities with serene natural and agricultural settings.

Tualatin Valley excels as an outdoor adventure destination, complete with activities ranging from bird watching to zip-lining. Protected wetlands and nature parks are popular birding and wildlife watching sites, while biking, hiking and water trails offer a multitude of experiences and opportunities.

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Our 50-mile Tualatin Valley Scenic Bikeway is a great way to view the wonders of the area by bicycle.

Situated in the northern Willamette Valley wine region, Tualatin Valley has more than 30 wineries, each showcasing exquisite Pinot Noir and dozens of other varietals. Our tasting rooms are welcoming, and best of all, no experience is required.

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Not into wine? From hearty IPAs and refreshing ales to award-winning whiskeys and other spirits, our craft breweries and distilleries showcase the artisanal spirit of Oregon.

Welcome to our Tualatin Valley!

Tax-Free Shopping, plus the diversity of shopping experiences, makes Tualatin Valley an ideal shopping location. Find antiques and locally-owned boutiques, plus big-box stores, and a variety of artisan, gourmet food and wine shops.

Farms are abundant here, and dozens of “u-pick” farms, farmstands and farmers markets allow visitors to explore and savor the tastes, scents and sounds of the Tualatin Valley countryside. One of the best ways to truly experience farm life here is with a relaxing drive via the Vineyard & Valley Scenic Tour Route.

When it comes to the multitude of things to see and do here, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty more wonders to discover, and once you’ve been here, you truly will see how amazing our piece of paradise is.

So, when can you get here?

Take a look at our digital visitors guide and start planning your Tualatin Valley getaway.

Discover the Tualatin Valley

Trip Ideas

The Tualatin Valley offers authentic experiences and a multitude of celebrated attractions and amenities that are as surprising as they are crowd-pleasing.

Events & Festivals

Enjoy unique festivals that appeal to many different tastes and interests, and are guaranteed to offer seasonality, community and entertainment.